Shopping Service

So, since I am living in Japan again I thought I should start offering a shopping service again. ( ^  ^ ) I can both buy items from shops and online, also this time around I will be able to offer a shopping service for Mbok and Yahoo auctions Japan.

I am able to buy from:

lolita shops like: Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Metamorphose etc.

gyaru shops like: Liz Lisa, Ank Rouge, Mars, Axes Femme etc.

punk/rock/fairy kei shops like: Listen Flavor, Putumayo, Milklim, Swimmer etc.

Japanese candy, snacks, makeup or any other goods you would wish to purchase are no problem!

The commission will be a set price:

For shopping at online stores 200kr per order.

For shopping at an actual store 200kr + transportation fee.

As bidding at auction sites takes up more time the commission will be slightly different. When bidding at Mbok or Yahoo auctions Japan the commission will be as following:

15% of the entire order for purchases below 26 000 yen

10% of the entire order for purchases over 26 000 yen

I will be accepting Pay Pal and bank transfer to my Swedish bank account for these ordering from Sweden. For Paypal an additional 3,6% or the order price will be charged (PayPal usage fee).

Shipping can be either EMS or Standard Airmail.

If you are interested in requesting my shopping service for something, feel free to contact me. If you have a link to an online store, I can order the goods for you as soon as I get the payment. In case you are looking for an item in an actual store, I will check if the item is available or not, if it is available I will purchase it and then invoice you.

So basically, contact me and we will make a suitable plan for your order!